About Myself

Hello Dear Readers,  

I am...

A woman with a creative soul having a multitude of interests and contradictory traits.

On one hand, I am fragile, deeply sensitive and vulnerable.
But on the other hand, I can endure a lot.
I am a mix of both weakness and strength, ignorance and wisdom, intensity and calmness, purposelessness and passion, light and darkness...
I listen to my inner voice a lot and seek Divine Guidance.

I am in awe of this Universe.
I see so much pain and suffering everywhere yet I also find so much beauty in this world...this world is magical ! I cannot teach or preach anything to this world....I can only give...Yet, this world gives me more than I could ever give it back.

This world has given me the four beautiful seasons of winter, spring, summer and autumn...the rains and the harvests...the clouds and birds...green trees....it has given me love and longing...the capacity to shed tears...to smile when happy...to touch and hug ...to understand...to nurture...to feel...

My Darkness and My Light:

I am not perfect. Rather, I am a simple person on a complex journey:  I strive for creating beauty in broken places.
Every other day, even if I may fail in some areas,I try to make the best of every day.  Even if it is for a few minutes, or a few hours. This blog and my creative activities is a part of that endeavour.

My Passions :

My creative persona sometimes transforms me into a short story writer, sometimes into an artist, and at other times, into  a poet, a photographer, a philosopher and so much more -however, I have never pursued any of these as a profession, but with a lot of passion!
I also love to read books, do hand embroidery, watch movies, listen to soft instrumental music, meditate, pray, cook and surf the net .

Among various subjects, I am interested in Psychology / Neuroscience, Sociology, Sustainable Development, Environmental Science, Botany, Philosophy, Spirituality and Mysticism to a great extent and in Political Sociology to a certain extent.
I love adventure and visiting new places.
I love the forest and the trees, plants, flowers, birds, the sky, river, clouds and other gifts of nature.
I love the rains and the cloudy sky.
I love nature very much, green is my favourite color and 80 percent of my wardrobe is occupied by the color green !
I love a lot of things that are old and used, such as Vintage designs, vintage crockery, vintage era embroidery and  the vintage era itself.
I love a warm cup of coffee or tea with milk . Tea and coffee is very important in my life.
So is ginger and basil leaf.

Above all, I love peace and love.

I am passionate about almost  everything !

About this Blog : 

This blog is an account of my feelings, creative pursuits but above all, about celebrating life. 
This year, I turned 39 and my blog turned six ! Earlier my blog was called "Return to Innocence " and now I have named it "Mysticsmoments ". Although you cannot read my six year old posts now, I have saved them in draft and someday, I may publish them.
Thank you for reading !