Self Healing

One of the significant life lessons that I have learned { the hard way } is that no matter how bad , horrible, difficult and hopeless your circumstances are, you still can be yourself. It is like sitting in a dense  jungle and writing your { about to be } best- selling novel in the midst of the roars of wild animals that roar but do not bite.

Creative people uses their creativity in this way. For them, a blank canvass { art }, a notebook and a pen {writing }, a needle { embroidery }, a spade { gardening } and even the spatula { cooking } for instance, can be life saving weapons or act like life saving medicines.

I have learned that vulnerability and courage can go together. There is no reason why one cannot be weak, timid and silent yet at the same time, speak their minds or do their own business. After all, words are always not needed to get what you want from life, right ? Silence can be effective as well.

In the worst of times, when we know that nothing seems to be going our way, we just give up and wait for better times to come. I also did that, earlier. But not anymore.

I have learned that bad times go away and we still do not recover.

That's why, it is better to keep on doing what we love as usual even in the midst of bad times so that when good time comes, we would realize that we did not give in to the external circumstances { circumstances beyond our control }. Also by doing this, we would not feel the anxiety or fear of another bad time coming .

Keep doing what we love, keep doing what pleases us...even under difficult life situations .... even  if we are sick, even if we are hurt, even if we think that events are beyond our control, or even if nobody cares...
For inside each one of us , we have the power to heal and the power to love ourselves.
And the power to create magic !


  1. amazingly brilliant post! I got so much out of this. It all rang out to my soul so clearly. I will definitely keep all of this in mind when things are difficult. Thank you for sharing your heart, mind and soul in such a beautiful and wise post xoxoxo

    1. Thank you Nyssa for understanding and sharing your thoughts here. I wrote this when I realized something during a difficult time and it indeed gave me some perspective. That you felt the same and found this perspective beautiful, I am really touched by this.
      Take care,

  2. Oh this is beautiful! Yes the power to create magic! It's so incredible. You are right- its all about perspective. This was so uplifting. Oh how I missed your incredible writings. They make me feel happy. You being you and giving your gift of writing also impacts me- for the best:)

    1. Thanks, Kmarie for expressing your thoughts here. I am encouraged by your words, I feel encouraged to write.
      As a child, everything about our lives was magical but we soon forgot about it, perhaps now is the time to reclaim that power.
      Take care,

  3. Indeed we have the power to create magic..
    After reading this i remembered that there was a time a year back when everything was going against my condition so i did what used to please me it kind of became my outlet and curbed my anger and impatience to a large extent.
    And silence in my life is kind of my greatest weapon to make someone agree to me :D I know its sort of devilish but i have no other choice :P
    Beautiful photos :) the second photo reminded me of some moments back..it rained and i got wet till my heart was drenched :)
    take care
    keep smiling always!!

  4. Thank you dear Alcina, for understanding the spirit of this post. I agree with you, silence is so powerful. Most of the time, I use it to let others have their way. Everybody is destined for something so even if they get in my way to get their ways, all they might get is fool's gold and ultimately I will be where I am meant to be {destined}, no matter what.
    Also, in silence, our perspective about this world/about others becomes more clearer, isn't it ?
    Glad that you loved the photograph, incidentally, it was taken after the rains.
    lots of love,


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