Happy New Year


I said in my last post that I will be more regular with my blogging.
But blogging took a backseat.
Not that I was deliberately staying away from my blog. I was rather wanting to write time and again.
Yet, I got lost in other issues. I got busy.
Even when I had some spare moments thrown in between, I was taking my own sweet time, giving myself permission to be lazy.

Whatever it was, my writing suffered as a result of that. My preoccupation with other things such as- the much awaited year-end holiday, unexpected sickness and stress in the family, the usual get-togethers and socializing with friends and so many other expected as well as unexpected events came in the way of my desire to write.

Writing needs contemplation and I have not had the time to contemplate.
Writing needs silence and peace which is  hard to get when we are socializing or constantly talking.
But now, slowly after the end of the holiday season, I am coming to terms with myself and realizing that writing is necessary for me, more necessary than many a things.

For me , right now, I am lucky that winter is not yet harsh here.
So, I am still keeping myself very active, both physically and mentally.
Once the winter changes its colors and warmth, I might go into hibernation just like the birds.
But now, the weather is beautiful and cosy.
I still don't mind waking up in the morning to do some cooking for myself and my hubby.
Hope my spirit shall remain like this because this is how I love to see myself-Mentally active and alert for the rest of the year.

A lot has happened since the beginning of this year.
First of all, I celebrated my Birthday. I turned 36 this year.

I am also slowly going back to my old hobby of photography. After a long time, I took a walk in a nature park. I told my hubby to click me with nature. 

And this is what I captured that day. A beautiful flowering branch. I wish to plant this flower in my house someday. It grows into a very big tree with ever expanding branches, so right now I cannot plant it in my small balcony. But in the future....I would love to grow this plant !

I am feeling good now. 
All is well as of now.

My mind is relatively free now after going through a lot of inner and outer turmoils { in 2013}.
And only when my mind is free, I can pay attention to my inner voice.

I have noticed that a free mind is a beautiful mind.
And the mind goes into a crazy and wild mode when it is free.
And therefore, I am afraid that any time I might turn philosophical ....
I might be writing something philosophical or something romantic or passionately poetic in my coming blog posts.

Just because now my mind is free, its wandering and roaming here and there....I am getting enough time to contemplate.

Oh the joys of a free mind !
I cannot tell you enough quotes on the joys and the power of a free mind !

“There is nothing more powerful and nothing more dangerously beautiful than a free mind.” 
― Bryant McGill, Voice of Reason

“The most beautiful things can only be created by the most free minds!”
― Mehmet Murat ildan

Wishing you all a Happy New Year !

{ Hmmm...I cannot tell you how many times my mind was wandering here and there while I was writing this post !}


  1. Happy Birthday S !
    Good to see you enjoying the gifts of nature and capturing them in all their beauty. Reading your posts brings me back the memories of those days when I had the time of my life, when I too got lost in my thoughts in the midst of nature and then used to pen down my thoughts too...those were the days,

  2. Thanks a lot A, for your wishes,
    yes, those were the days ! I try to recreate and experience those childhood memories even now...nature makes us childlike once again,
    take care,

  3. Happy New Year and Happy Birthday (Belated though :( )
    Good all is well now.. want to see more of your posts :)

    1. Thank you Dipa, for your good wishes ! I hope that you are doing well,
      wishing you all the best in all your endeavours in this new year,

  4. Happy Birthday sweet lady
    Happy New year
    thank you deeply for the cards you sent
    i LOVE them!

    love and light

    1. Thank you Cat ! I am really happy to know that you have received the cards and loved them,
      Wishing you a lovely day,
      take care,


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