I create my dreams

Thought of sharing something after a long time. 
I wrote a few poems. One of them I am posting below. Also a photo of me, with my short haircut, I am posting above.

" I Create My Dreams "

Everything about my past is existing still,
Still growing within me like as if I am carrying an unwanted child within my belly,
My memories and me,
We are that inseparable.

And I can't sleep because of that.
And then I can't sleep also because I have dreams in my eyes ,
Dreams that keeps me awake,

All that which is not there in my surroundings to soothe me,
I create in my soul.

Because I felt so alone in my loneliness.

( decoding the poem a bit ):

Sometimes, for me, that which I imagine, i.e. the imaginary is as real. In fact at times, there is no difference. Sometimes, we would like to desperately forget the real or want to escape from the real. In those times, the real is not needed, reality does not give solace. So we imagine something else. 
So, sometimes, there is no difference at all. 
Imagination is an alternative reality.
The feeling of the imaginary is so damn real that sometimes it feels like someone is breathing down our shoulders or someone is running a razor over our arms. The feeling is totally real. We can create any feeling or any reality we want at any instant and to any extent like magic. This is so powerful, I feel.