On Beauty ( by Sanghamitra Nath)

It is human limitation only that tries to understand and analyse it's limitations, shortcomings,etc.etc.
( Meaning: we cannot analyse anything correctly or truly from a limited point of view. )
What we see, believe and perceive , everything...that we are seeing .. as a person or as an observer...that person, that " I" , that observer itself is unknown of its capabilities of observing...he, himself is limited by his limited knowledge and wisdom...so what shall he judge ?
The judgement or observation itself will be flawed...For example, when a girl says that she is not beautiful like other beautiful girls. That girl does not know the idea of true beauty and is thinking and acting from the idea of beauty constructed and fed to her by the society.
To know true beauty, the girl has to first examine how false beauty is termed as true beauty by the society.
Secondly, she has to understand how subjective or relative beauty is.
Thirdly, she has to discover that the very 'idea' of beauty  does not exist.That it is all created by the society to fulfill its ego and desires. Only love exists, love for all things exits, beautiful or not.
This process of three fold  examination is very difficult because one can go through the first and second stage of examination with some effort but to understand the third stage is very hard.
To go through the third stage, one has to have a different kind of consciousness, a consciousness or state of mind which is very pure and unaffected by social norms, influences and definition.
For instance, a child loves his mom no matter how ugly she looks (ugliness as defined by society). That child does not love or choose a beautiful woman over his mom. This is what is called a pure and uninfluenced mind.


  1. Oh how I have missed your writing! this is profound and lovely!! VERY TRUE and perceptive. I love the love of pure children. Its so validating.

  2. Thank you Kmarie, for reading this and giving your valuable feedback !


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