Intense is her name. 
Her other name.

she can forget who she is but not how she feels from within.

for her love is not merely sweet love, but a burning fire in her heart and her belly that never fades...she needs to keep the flame alive, forever. because her own life force is hidden inside it...

she will not rest till she goes to the deep end of the ocean..she wants to see what lies beneath and beyond....but she does not know that she herself is the ocean bed.

Everything accumulates in her...every passion and every emotion. everything gets out of control once they are inside of her...

God never made her the waves of the ocean where things float on the surface but the ocean bed itself which collects everything ...every sorrow, every pain...where everything sinks to the bottom...

she is so deep that even she cannot recognize herself sometimes...even she is not aware of her own depths...

she wants to force other ( mostly unwilling ) people to take that journey with her. But she cannot do that. Because what she sees, she cannot make others see that. When she realizes that, she comes face to face with loneliness for the first time in her life...

You will often find her murmuring to herself :

"I want to burn and set everything to fire so that they know how does it  feel to burn so intensely from within."


  1. Beautifully written...and lovely photo..:)

    1. Thank you so much for reading and appreciating !
      take care,

  2. Beautiful. I understand! I love your fire even if it can be painful it times, it is mostly a gift:)

  3. Thanks Kmarie for understanding ! I also believe it is a gift ,
    Take care,


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