Writing Again ( by Sanghamitra Nath)

Dear Friends,

I am writing again, after a long long time. The last time I wrote was 5 months back and before that, 3 Years back.

Sometimes, I wonder why I don't write as much as I used to even though I love to write so much !  Maybe, one of the reasons is that I have lost the connection that I used to have with my own self. Or that for a long long time, I have forgotten what it means to have a sense of self.

Today, some of my old Blogger friends were discussing about the lost art of writing and blogging. Their conversation has motivated me to write again. So, after a long gap, I am writing again.

Writers like me live in a highly abstract world- a world which cannot be understood by many and sometimes, if you begin to describe it, they may call you weird or strange. So, it is best to put down my thoughts in writing (to self ) rather than speaking ( to others). It is very essential for abstract people like writers to express their thoughts and in the absence of many people not understanding us, we have to get it out of our system not by trying to explain to people by speaking out but by writing out in a journal or a blogging platform. Of course, we are speaking to an audience but that is later. First, we are speaking to ourselves. We are putting ourselves in front of the world but before that, we are "coming out"of our shells in which we have been hiding for so long. This is a sign of establishing or asserting our identity.
Writers write about what is important for them.What they have known for so long. What they love. What they want. What they hope. What keeps them going. The conversations that they have with themselves. What they want to release or surrender.
And these conversations can be sometimes very long, absurd and abstract for the readers but not for the writers. For them, writing is life itself.

Anyways, I am already feeling so good for being finally able to write after a long long time. So much has happened over these years. I did not even document these incidents and events in my writing. But that is not necessary. I am not saying that analyzing or keeping record of our lives is not necessary but what is perhaps more necessary is our connection with our self even after all these years and not getting lost in the events that overpowered us.

I think I have said enough for today. I hope to keep writing in this space as frequently as possible.


  1. Last time whe you commented on my blog, i was of 18 or 19....

    A little girl whose post you keenly read and commented on. I loved your long ponderings amd reflections on my post. I was just reading your comments from an old post of mine.I missed you dear friend.

    I am married now amd a mother of an eighth month son. We don't lose connection to our innerself.Its just that we want ourselves more in practical aspects of life. Now 25, i am grown up. Loved.married and a mom now. Huh....

    But i am same old girl whose insecurities are as fresh as these were at 19. People like us bear strong bonding to our ownself but we let it float on the back of our mind.

    Have a good day!

    1. Oh my goodness ! Zainab dear, what a pleasant surprise !! I am so so overwhelmed, to say the least, after all these years !! This is called the power of humanity! I am so happy my dear friend to know that you have married and have a little child of your own. So happy, I am, yes ! Please keep in touch, my dear. I am falling short of words to express here. I will read your blog soon and give feedback. Let us keep in touch through our blogs ! Stay blessed !!

  2. I can totally connect with the feelings you write here because I have been going through a phase like this myself. All of A sudden I remembered your blog and you so came to see what do you have in store :)

    I am glad you are writing again, hopefully you will keep uploading the beautiful pictures with your writings as well.

    Take care

  3. Oh my goodness, Alcina! Meeting old friends after ages is like....I am speechless !! Thank you for coming here and meeting me.I am so grateful. Will visit your blog and remember to upload the pictures that I have been clicking these days !! Sending lots of love,


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